Edwin the founder of Dende Fari was raised in Brooklyn NEW-YORK, Studied fashion design and tailoring in a fashion atelier started by his mother. Edwin spends his time studying african and eastern cultures inspired by Moorish history and it's world influence. He showed personal dedication to the aesthetics of orientalist art and was inspired to bring back to life the color, styles, and fashion of an ancient cultural paradigm with a modern western twist.

At Dende Fari we carry fez, traditional garb, long robes, head wraps, as well as casual items including pants shirts and dresses, In vibrant colors, prints and earth tone solids and african prints with a western twist. 

All garments are made in the USA with imported African, indian and European fabrics . With over 30 years in the business we are able to create high quality garments.

We are located in the park slope/ Gowanus area of Brooklyn Ny, 10 min away rom the newly renovated downtown Brooklyn area.



Dende Fari brings you to a majestic world of fashion art and culture